Ribforce Commercial

Superior In Aiding Military, Coast Guards And Law Enforcement.

Aurora Inflatables are the culmination of years of development by an experienced team, who have a passion for inflatables boats and deal with them on a daily basis.


The heavy duty “F-Series” professional fiberglass RIBs have an open design that allows for easy customization. Our wide variety of seats and consoles allow the professional to design the boat to fit their needs instead of having to compromise on a set design.

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Our “A-Series” Deep V models are designed to handle all weather conditions the elements can dish up. Their rugged yet lightweight aluminum hulls along with the tough 1670 D-tex CSM fabric make them the ideal boat for any rescue or commercial operation.

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AB Inflatables introduces the all new swift water shallow V “AS-Series”. AB is constantly looking at the needs in the Rescue and Commercial industries. This new versatile use series will get into shallow flood waters without fear of what is below as well as handling the swift waters of rivers or flooded streams.

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Ribforce Commercial.

These self-inflating boats are suitable for use by emergency services, law enforcement and commercial applications. The Assault range is a very light vehicle and gives good performance with limited horsepower.

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The Aurora Rescue RIB range are designed to be tough making them great sea boats. The Rescue RIB has a high bow and sharp entry enabling it to cut through choppy waters while giving its crew a relatively comfortable ride.

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