Inflatable Boat Parts, Repairs, Refurbishment & Retubing.

Repair, Refurbish and Extend the Life of your Boat.

Ribforce Inflatables has the largest dedicated rubber repair facility in Queensland catering for all types of repairs.

There is a full range of equipment, and an inflatable boat component inventory as well as highly qualified and very experienced personnel, and we have the capability to look after any and all inflatable boat repairs.

Ribforce Inflatables are the most experienced and highly credible, appointed warranty agents and our team attend to repairs for a large number of prominent inflatable boat brands, which include; AB Inflatables, Aurora Inflatables, Arancia, Mercury Inflatables, Nautica, Brig, Williams, Force Four and more.

Ribforce Inflatables offers a full repair service centre for all brands of inflatable boats.

Our knowledge, and extensive expertise is extensive and means getting your boat repaired at Ribforce Inflatables is easy and painless!

Just drop in or send it to us and we will look after it.

If you are not sure exactly what the problem is, as part of the repair we can include an air or water inspection to discover where all those annoying leaks may be.

Ribforce Inflatables turnaround times are very fast and if you have purchased your inflatable boat from Ribforce Inflatables you will receive priority treatment.

Ribforce Inflatables repairs both Polymer and Hypalon boats of all sizes and even a very small and yet still annoying little pin prick hole that requires a patch, or a full rebuild or even a complete re-tube Ribforce Inflatables is the company that can help.

If you are a handyman and can and are happy to do it yourself, Ribforce Inflatables stocks a large choice of adhesives, solvents, fabrics, and spare parts.