Frequently Asked Questions

RIB stands for Rigid Bottomed Inflatable Boats.

RIBS have a rigid hull that is typically made from either fibreglass or aluminum. The inflatable tubes are attached to the hull around the edges to provide stability and buoyancy.

This is the question we are most commonly asked, and there is no simple or standard answer.

Buying a boat is a careful and considered decision, and it’s our job to ensure you have all the information you need to help in making this decision. The most critical element is choosing the boat that is right for your lifestyle, interests and functional needs.

As you will have seen on our website, RIBs have many features and benefits. Once you joing the RIB familly, we are confident you will never look back!

There is no doubt that materials such as fibreglass, steel and aluminium are ‘tougher’ than the inflatable sides of a RIB.

But that doesn’t mean that inflatables aren’t durable. Just take a look at what the boat of choice is for our police, rescue and emergency services. Universally they prefer RIBs.

Typically, inflatables are much wider than their solid counterparts. This makes them a lot more stable.

The large inflatable skirt ensures that infltable boats are incredibly stable at both rest and speed.

Yes, in fact are seeing a lot more fishermen opting to go for inflatable boats because of their seagoing ability, stability and large, open deck space.

RIB Force Inflatables stock a full range of parts and accessories.

Like anything, your boat will last longer and retain its new appearance the better you look after it.

Universally, salt water and air, and harsh UV rays are the main cause of degradation across all boats (cars, caravans etc).

Cleaning your boat each time you use it, storing it out of the weather, and keeping a regular maintenance schedule will extend the life of your boat well beyond it’s warrantly and see many years of trouble free, enjoyabe boating.

Obviously, you also need to show caution as to how and where you use your boat – in the same way you wouldn’t haul your fibreglass boats over rocks, or be reckless with heavy or sharp items for example.

In most cases you’ll be able to repair a small leak by yourself. If it’s a tiny pin-hole it’s a matter of applying some water proof glue over the hole.

If it’s a slightly bigger tear, you’ll need to completely dry the area and apply water-proof glue and apply a patch over the hole. This can be quite a tricky process if you’ve never done it before – so always contact the team at RIB Force Inflatables if you need some help and guidance.

RIB Force Inflatables offer a full suite of maintenance and repair services, so if in doubt – always contact us and we will ensure you and your boat are looked after.

Similar to the questions above – the longevity of your boat will depend entirely on how you treat it. This is typically true of everything we own!

RIB Force Inflatables has a full range of storage, cleaning and maintenance products to help you extend the life of your new boat.

The main choice you need to make is decide what length is best for your requirements. Your ideal boat length is reliant in the following factors:

Intended activity
Number of people you want to transport (on a regular basis)

The team at RIB Force Inflatables will match you to the perfect boat.

First of all – do not panic.

Most inflatable boats have several air chambers, and if one of chambers gets punctured, the boat will stay afloat due to the buoyancy of the remaining air chambers.

We strongly recommend that you always carry on board the necessary and required saftey gear relevant to the size and capacity of your boat.

RIB Force Inflatables can supply all your safety needs.

Yes – RIB Force Inflatables are one of the largest Mercury dealers in Queensland and we can match the perfect motor to your boat.