Davit / Tender Services.

Repair, Refurbish and Extend the Life of your Boat.

Ribforce Inflatables can make a complete tender package a very simple acquisition. Firstly we will help you assess your main vessel and assess your requirements. Our professional staff then offers the best tender package and even install it to help make easier for you. Ribforce Inflatables has superior expertise and experience to help you with a practical solution. As you know, there are many different models of boats with differing duckboards, waterlines, trims, centres of gravity and at Ribforce Inflatables we assess all of these differentiating factors before planning the davit fit best for you and your boat.

Ribforce Inflatables service many of the major boat builders and brokers in Australia.

Ribforce Inflatables work on rectifying the common problem of the incorrect fitting of snap davit systems often seen on the Gold Coast and yes; we also fix botched snap davit fits. Consult Ribforce Inflatables to avoid this problem first time around and save you money! Incorrect snap davit fits create a risk for both your tender and the main vessel and has furthermore the potential to create personal risk.

Ribforce Inflatables has different options with regards to snap davits and other systems.

Ribforce Inflatables are snap davit system specialists, offering complete packages for complicated tender fits, which may include:

  • Tender
  • Outboard motor
  • Full davit fit (snap davits, pads, yokes, D rings, stainless steel standoff arms, fitting)
  • Swivel bracket
  • Heavy duty dinghy wheels
  • Covers
  • Pulleys
  • Rails

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